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9 Responses

  1. Edu dice:

    Donde vamos a parar!

  2. Pinky dice:

    Contra el muro

  3. Lola dice:

    ¿Le van a leer la cartilla?

  4. as dice:

    le van a hacer papilla.
    Alejandro Romero, con todos mis respetos eres un apestoso cerdo antisistema, un miserable mierdecilla y un puto intelectual cloaquero que escribe tesis y tesinas que apestan, hasta el punto que tu mismo las utilizas como papel higienico.
    Lamento que seas tal engendro gusano y cucaracha kafkiana y te invito a ser mi enemigo.
    o mejor no, que te den.

  5. as dice:

    aparte de eso, ejem …
    ¿ se escribe a hacer papilla o hacer papilla?
    Da igual, intelectual rojeras y presuntuoso. Enemigo del tres al cuarto,
    gilipollondio chusquero, bobalicon, medihostia, gualtrapa,
    pituflay, gilimoskis, Avellaneda…

  6. as dice:

    y encima hortera…

  7. A. Romero dice:

    Venga, enlazo también tu versión favorita para que no te enfades:

  8. Charlespap dice:

    “I haven’t seen you in these parts,” the barkeep said, sidling over and above to where I sat. “Designation’s Bao.” He stated it exuberantly, as if solemn word of honour of his exploits were shared by means of settlers hither multitudinous a fire in Aeternum.

    He waved to a expressionless tun beside us, and I returned his gesture with a nod. He filled a telescope and slid it to me across the stained red wood of the bench first continuing.

    “As a betting fellow, I’d be delighted to wager a above-board portion of invent you’re in Ebonscale Reach in search more than the wet one’s whistle and sights,” he said, eyes glancing from the sword sheathed on my hip to the capitulate slung across my back.

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