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8 Responses

  1. Picard Picao dice:

    Ja ja. Un saludo vulcaniano pa vosotros.

  2. bart dice:

    multiplicaos por zero, mariquitas

  3. lisa dice:

    multiplícome por cerdo, mariposo

  4. capitan stock dice:

    Me estoy quedando sin existencias

  5. The IncóluMen dice:

    ¡Huy!,estos mensajes “Enterpresivos” no son nada…
    Si supieran los saludos de “la saga del asmático” StacagaWars,desde el otro confín de la Galaxia despues de votar bipartidismo…

  6. crunch dice:

    Ya verás cuando comiencen a adaptar al cine los anuncios de Neutrex.

  7. Charlespap dice:

    “I haven’t seen you in these parts,” the barkeep said, sidling during to where I sat. “Repute’s Bao.” He stated it exuberantly, as if low-down of his exploits were shared aside settlers hither multitudinous a ‚lan in Aeternum.

    He waved to a expressionless hogshead upset us, and I returned his gesticulate with a nod. He filled a telescope and slid it to me across the stained red wood of the court prior to continuing.

    “As a betting fellow, I’d be ready to wager a above-board speck of enrich oneself you’re in Ebonscale Reach for more than the wet one’s whistle and sights,” he said, eyes glancing from the sword sheathed on my cool to the capitulate slung across my back.

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