Qué te puedo dar que no me llores


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  1. Jotaele dice:

    A Juan si que le han dao un despachurrador.

  2. Es bueno tener dos sueldos… si tienes dos hijos. Lo jodío es tener más. A ver de dónde puñeta entonces sacas otro sueldo.

  3. Lola dice:

    Hay que echar imaginación…siempre puedes vender uno de los niños para costearle los caprichos al otro. Aunque yo preferiría el sueldo nescafé para toda la vida. A ver si empiezo ya a jugar a algo que parece que con esto del humor no les puedo pagar ni los cursos de verano en Canadá…

  4. NATUKA dice:

    lo dificil hoy dia es educar a un niño en contra del materialismo…jajaja ..lo estoy escribiendo y me da la risa……quiza la solución sea que no vean la tv no?

  5. crackep dice:

    Purchasing online from India can seem like a good option, as it gets you out of having an in-person doctor visit buying cialis online safely But before leaving, Gu Min wanted to know how much cold iron was under the Beihai Sea

  6. ignotly dice:

    buy cialis generic While ED drugs are safe for most men, there are certain medications that shouldn t be used with them

  7. TomsPouse dice:

    In the 6 month double blind study, the treatment effect of CIALIS did not diminish over time order cialis online

  8. grexabe dice:

    BTLNHL 9 Phoenix Coyotes cialis prices The sublingual cialis like all other drugs should be stored away from children

  9. stookytes dice:

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  10. exceceisp dice:

    Many small, immature follicles black circles are seen. clomid for bodybuilders

  11. unrekly dice:

    Certain anticoagulants are safe to use during pregnancy. clomiphene citrate over the counter I had a BIG problem with s 11 and 12 the smell of certain perfumes would have me racing for the closest bathroom and, bizarrely, the colour which I now refer to as Facebook Blue had the same effect.

  12. Skymmency dice:

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  13. Smidgix dice:

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  14. romeopemo dice:

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  15. totsBiome dice:

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  16. priolve dice:

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  17. Lexfeetly dice:

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  18. zovothe dice:

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  19. assutoums dice:

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