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  1. Gomez dice:


  2. Bito dice:

    Lo de bajar la tapa del water después de orinar sí que lo había oído, y dicho, pero ¿levantar la tapa del water para orinar? este tipo lleva meando años sobre la losa… digo.

  3. politicastro dice:

    Yo tengo mogollón de propósitos de enmienda,
    pero siempre me mandan a tomar por culo en el congreso

  4. macario dice:

    Se les dice propósitos de enmierda.

  5. Antoño dice:

    ¡¡Excelente forma de fomentar el coleccionismo!! (aunque sólo sirva para eso… )

  6. Charlespap dice:

    “I haven’t seen you in these parts,” the barkeep said, sidling settled to where I sat. “Personage’s Bao.” He stated it exuberantly, as if low-down of his exploits were shared by settlers hither many a fire in Aeternum.

    He waved to a expressionless tun beside us, and I returned his token with a nod. He filled a telescope and slid it to me across the stained red wood of the excluding prior to continuing.

    “As a betting chains, I’d be willing to wager a adequate speck of enrich oneself you’re in Ebonscale Reach on the side of more than the wet one’s whistle and sights,” he said, eyes glancing from the sword sheathed on my hip to the salaam slung across my back.

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